About KBL Projects

KBL Projects has been a leader in the field of suspended flooring for more than thirty years. Our clients range from home owners, to builders, developers, as well as engineers and architects in all areas of the development market, including domestic, commercial, and industrial.

Being a part of the Green Team in South Africa, every operation taken on by KBL Projects is carried out in such as way so as to support the conservation of the environment. All excess materials provided by the company are recycled by leading recycling companies in the country, ensuring little to no adverse impact on the environment.


What Are Suspended Floors?

With building costs continuously on the rise, the need arose for a building material that would speed up construction, so as to keep expenses affordable.

The solution to this problem was the design of the rib and block suspended flooring system, which is made up of pre-stressed ribs and hollow core blocks, which can be used as flooring in basements, first floor slabs, as well as roofing slab

  • Versatility
  • Structural integrity
  • Improved heat and sound insulation
  • Guaranteed easy installation
  • Reduction in costs for installation, steel and propping, as well as labour
  • Levelling is done while the slab is being packed

Benefits Of Suspended Floors

The suspended flooring system is extremely versatile, and can be used in the following ways:

  • In new double-story buildings – both residential and commercial
  • They can be used for the construction of elevated decks, balconies and patios
  • They can replace wooden decks and suspended floors that are rotten or damaged
  • They can be used to create mezzanine floors in existing double volume areas
  • Suspended flooring can be used to convert existing flat roofs into functional decks and floors
  • It eliminates the problems of fill and slab methods when installing a floor at ground level
  • Suspended flooring is useful on sites that are steeply sloped, where there are access or rising damp problems

Our mission is to always provide exceptional service and top quality products to our clients.

Our prices are reasonable and competitive and we guarantee customer satisfaction with every project we undertake, and are constantly exploring new ideas to make sure that we keep ahead in the industry.

All the skills and experience to assist you with any project, large or small.

Our products and services include rib and block systems, reinforcing steel, polystyrene slabs, concrete hollow blocks, and more to turn your home or business into a place of pride. Choose us for our expertise in flooring services.